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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Walking Tall Part 2 1975 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Walking Tall Part II (1975)
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 from 878 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Genres: Action , Biography , Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Bo Svenson , Luke Askew , John Davis Chandler , Robert DoQui , Leif Garrett , Bruce Glover , Dawn Lyn , Brooke Mills , Logan Ramsey , Lurene Tuttle , Angel Tompkins , Noah Beery Jr. , Richard Jaeckel , Archie Grinalds , Allen Mullikin
Director: Earl Bellamy
IMDB Runtime: 109
Year: 1975
Plot: Sheriff Buford Pusser continues his one-man war against moonshiners and a ruthless crime syndicate after the murder of his wife in late 1960's Tennessee.

976-EVIL 1988 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: 976-EVIL (1988)
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 from 3778 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Genres: Comedy , Horror
Actors: Stephen Geoffreys , Patrick O'Bryan , Sandy Dennis , Jim Metzler , María Rubell , Lezlie Deane , J.J. Cohen , Paul Willson , Greg Collins , Darren E. Burrows , Joanna Keyes , Gunther Jenson , J.J. Johnston , John Currie Slade , Demetre Phillips
Director: Robert Englund
IMDB Runtime: 92
Year: 1988
Plot: People who dial 976-EVIL receive supernatural powers and turn into satanic killers.

Lawman 1971 1080p BluRay x264

Title: Lawman (1971)
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 from 3114 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Genres: Western
Actors: Burt Lancaster , Robert Ryan , Lee J. Cobb , Robert Duvall , Sheree North , Albert Salmi , Richard Jordan , John McGiver , Ralph Waite , John Beck , William Watson , Walter Brooke , Robert Emhardt , Charles Tyner , J.D. Cannon
Director: Michael Winner
IMDB Runtime: 99
Year: 1971
Plot: While passing through the town of Bannock a bunch of drunken trail-weary cattlemen go overboard with their celebrating and accidentally kill an old man with a stray shot. They return home to Sabbath unaware of his death. Bannock lawman Jered Maddox later arrives there to arrest everyone involved on a charge of murder. Sabbath is run by land baron Vince Bronson a benevolent despot who upon hearing of the death offers restitution for the incident. Maddox however will not compromise even though small ranchers like Vern Adams are not in a position to desert their responsibilities for a long and protracted trial. Sabbath's marshal Cotton Ryan is an aging lawman whose tough reputation rests on a single incident that occurred years before. Ryan admits to being only a shadow of what he once was and incapable of stopping Maddox. Maddox confides to Ryan that Bannock's judicial system is weak and corrupt and while he's doubtful that anyone he brings back will suffer more than the ...

Walking Tall The Final Chapter 1977 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977)
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 from 650 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Bo Svenson , Lurene Tuttle , Forrest Tucker , Leif Garrett , Dawn Lyn , Simpson Hemphill , Sandy McPeak , Logan Ramsey , Morgan Woodward , Clay Tanner , Bruce Glover , David Adams , Michael Allen Honaker , Vance Davis , Libby Boone
Director: Jack Starrett
IMDB Runtime: 112
Year: 1977
Plot: This is the story of Buford Pusser's final days not only of his life but also as Sheriff. It seems that times are changing and the people of Pusser's town who once adored him are now fearing him and feel like it's time to make a change. And there are also some officials who feel the same way and are using every means to get rid of Pusser.

The Dark Tower 2017 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: The Dark Tower (2017)
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 from 42715 users Updated : 2017-10-20
Rotten Rating: 4.1/10
Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Horror , Sci-Fi , Western
Actors: Idris Elba , Matthew McConaughey , Tom Taylor , Dennis Haysbert , Ben Gavin , Claudia Kim , Jackie Earle Haley , Fran Kranz , Abbey Lee , Katheryn Winnick , Nicholas Pauling , Michael Barbieri , José Zúñiga , Nicholas Hamilton , Inge Beckmann
Director: Nikolaj Arcel
IMDB Runtime: 95
Year: 2017
Plot: The last Gunslinger Roland Deschain has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim also known as the Man in Black determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.
Rotten Plot: Go then, there are other Stephen King adaptations than these.

Mr Wrong 1996 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Mr. Wrong (1996)
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 from 4465 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Rotten Rating: 3.1/10
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Ellen DeGeneres , Bill Pullman , Joan Cusack , Dean Stockwell , Joan Plowright , John Livingston , Robert Goulet , Ellen Cleghorne , Hope Davis , Brad William Henke , Christine Cattell , Peter White , Polly Holliday , Briant Wells , Camille Saviola
Director: Nick Castle
IMDB Runtime: 96
Year: 1996
Plot: Martha is a single woman working at a television talk show. When her younger sister gets married everyone's wondering when Martha is going to meet Mr. Right and tie the knot. When by chance Martha meets a handsome stranger named Whitman the two fall madly in love with each other. But soon Martha discovers little quirks in Whitman... little quirks that become horrifying nightmares. But by the time Martha realizes that she must break up with him it'll take more than subtle hints to make him go away -- she'll have to get into the most outrageous predicaments to rid herself of Mr. Wrong.

Indiscretion 2016 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Indiscretion (TV Movie 2016)
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 from 372 users Updated : 2017-10-09
Genres: Crime , Drama , Romance , Thriller
Actors: Mira Sorvino , Cary Elwes , Christopher Backus , Katherine McNamara , LisaGay Hamilton , Melora Walters , Buck Taylor , Shane Callahan , Marco St. John , Jason Bayle , Liliana Tandon , Brittany Clark , Colby Arps , Chris Floyd , Lara Grice
Director: John Stewart Muller
IMDB Runtime: 99
Year: 2016
Plot: In director John Stewart Muller's stylish psychological thriller Mira Sorvino stars as Veronica a politician's wife whose brief affair with a troubled young artist comes back to haunt her when he begins to infiltrate every part of her life. While her husband (Cary Elwes) and daughter (Katherine McNamara) are away New Orleans psychiatrist Veronica Simon (Mira Sorvino) enjoys a weekend fling with Victor (Christopher Backus) an alluring young sculptor. But after Veronica calls off the affair Victor refuses to let go and will stop at nothing to have Veronica for himself. Just how far will Victor go to get what he wants and is there anything Veronica can do to stop his mad obsession before it destroys her family?

Jerusalem 2013 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Jerusalem (2013)
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 from 893 users Updated : 2017-10-05
Rotten Rating: 7.9/10
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch , Jodi Magness , Farah Ammouri , Austin Carder , Peter Hagyo-Kovacs , James Heilpern , Kindra Heilpern , Nadia Tadros , Revital Zacharie
Director: Daniel Ferguson
IMDB Runtime: 45
Year: 2013
Plot: Filmed in 3D for IMAX and Giant Screen cinemas JERUSALEM is an immersive experience about one of the world's most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to billions of people and how archaeology is uncovering secrets of Jerusalem's past.

Page One Inside the New York Times 2011 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011)
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 from 3059 users Updated : 2017-10-06
Rotten Rating: 6.8/10
Genres: Documentary
Actors: David Carr , Sarah Ellison , Larry Ingrassia , Dennis Crowley , Bruce Headlam , Evan Williams , Richard Perez-Pena , Paul Steiger , Clay Shirky , Markos Moulitsas , Brian Stelter , Seth Mnookin , Alex S. Jones , Nicholas Lemann , Ian Fisher
Director: Andrew Rossi
IMDB Runtime: 92
Year: 2011
Plot: During the most tumultuous time for media in generations filmmaker Andrew Rossi gains unprecedented access to the newsroom at The New York Times. For a year he follows journalists on the paper's Media Desk a department created to cover the transformation of the media industry. Through this prism a complex view emerges of a media landscape fraught with both peril and opportunity especially at the Times itself.

Pee wees Big Adventure 1985 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 from 43610 users Updated : 2017-10-10
Rotten Rating: 7.8/10
Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family
Actors: Paul Reubens , Elizabeth Daily , Mark Holton , Diane Salinger , Judd Omen , Irving Hellman , Monte Landis , Damon Martin , David Glasser , Gregory Brown , Mark Everett , Daryl Keith Roach , Bill Cable , Peter Looney , Starletta DuPois
Director: Tim Burton
IMDB Runtime: 91
Year: 1985
Plot: The cartoonish and childish character Pee Wee Herman goes on a big adventure for the first time ever when his beloved shiny new bicycle is stolen by his nemesis Francis Buxton a fellow man-child and neighborhood rich "kid." And he sets off on an obsessive cross-country journey determined to recover it. Pee-wee's awkward and childish attempts to be cool and mature.
Rotten Plot: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure brings Paul Reubens' famous character to the big screen intact, along with enough inspired silliness to dazzle children of all ages.

Agent Cody Banks 2 Destination London 2004 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 from 12029 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Rotten Rating: 3.4/10
Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Romance , Sci-Fi
Actors: Frankie Muniz , Anthony Anderson , Hannah Spearritt , Cynthia Stevenson , Daniel Roebuck , Anna Chancellor , Keith Allen , James Faulkner , David Kelly , Santiago Segura , Connor Widdows , Keith David , Rod Silvers , Jack Stanley , Joshua Brody
Director: Kevin Allen
IMDB Runtime: 100
Year: 2004
Plot: One year later agent Cody Banks is back for another awesome adventure but this time he must track down a former instructor who's gone rogue with a mind-control microchip. Banks masquerades as a musical prodigy to get close to a snobby egocentric scientist in London who's the only person who can make the microchip work. Along the way Banks hooks up with a demoted agent and a cute-as-a-bug Scotland Yard operative. When Agent Cody Banks heads to England to catch an evil scientist who's stolen a mind-control device for his plot to rule the world and turning the world leaders into zombies!
Rotten Plot: Young kids may find this London adventure fun, but older kids may find it too simplistic.

Wise Blood 1979 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Wise Blood (1979)
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 from 4026 users Updated : 2017-10-07
Rotten Rating: 7.3/10
Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Brad Dourif , John Huston , Dan Shor , Harry Dean Stanton , Amy Wright , Mary Nell Santacroce , Ned Beatty , William Hickey , J.L. Parker , Marvin Sapp , Richard Earle , Herb Kossover , Betty Lou Groover , John Tyndall , Gillaaron Houck
Director: John Huston
IMDB Runtime: 106
Year: 1979
Plot: US Army war veteran Hazel Motes may not be a believing Christian somehow observations like the state of a run-down country church meeting the ridiculous frauds on the streets and memories inspire him to take up after initially fierce refusal the part of a traveling preacher when a cab driver insists he looks like one in his new hat. He starts his own new Church of Truth without the crucified Jesus his first disciple being an 18-year old simpleton with a 'prophetic gift'...

Jaws 3 1983 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Jaws 3-D (1983)
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 from 31047 users Updated : 2017-09-27
Genres: Adventure , Horror , Thriller
Actors: Dennis Quaid , Bess Armstrong , Simon MacCorkindale , Louis Gossett Jr. , John Putch , Lea Thompson , P.H. Moriarty , Dan Blasko , Liz Morris , Lisa Maurer , Harry Grant , Andy Hansen , P.T. Horn , John Edson , Kaye Stevens
Director: Joe Alves
IMDB Runtime: 99
Year: 1983
Plot: Several years after Amity's former Police Chief Martin Brody electrocuted the shark at Cable Junction his sons Mike & Sean are now working in different roles at Sea World Orlando. Mike is working as a park engineer and considering marriage to his girlfriend killer whale biologist Kathryn Morgan. Sean is also involved with 1 of the park's water skiers Kelly Ann Bukowski. Sea World is about to open a massive 'Undersea Kingdom' which will bring visitors closer to marine life than ever before. The park is accessible from the ocean by a series of gates one of which malfunctions. A young Great White Shark swims through the gate and when a maintenance diver heads down to fix the gate he does not return. The young Great White is captured & placed in a tank but soon dies despite Kathryn's best efforts to save it. More alarming though is the young shark's massive 35 foot mother which has followed the baby shark into the lagoon and killed the maintenance diver whose body is recovered. ...

Peace Love And Misunderstanding 2011 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2011)
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 from 6655 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Music , Romance
Actors: Jane Fonda , Catherine Keener , Elizabeth Olsen , Kyle MacLachlan , Joseph Dunn , Ann Osmond , Teri Gibson , Robert Bowen Jr. , Wayne Pyle , Alison Ball , Nat Wolff , Joyce Van Patten , Laurent Rejto , Jeffrey Dean Morgan , Edward Morgan
Director: Bruce Beresford
IMDB Runtime: 96
Year: 2011
Plot: An uptight NYC lawyer takes her two teenagers to her hippie mother's farmhouse upstate for a family vacation. What was meant to be a weekend getaway quickly turns into a summer adventure of romance music family secrets and self-discovery.

Red Christmas 2016 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Red Christmas (2016)
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 from 178 users Updated : 2017-10-10
Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Dee Wallace , Geoff Morrell , Sarah Bishop , David Collins , Janis McGavin , Bjorn Stewart , Atlas Adams , Gerard Odwyer , Sam Campbell , Deelia Meriel , Anthony Jensen , Robert Anderson
Director: Craig Anderson
IMDB Runtime: 82
Year: 2016
Plot: It's Christmas in Australia as Diane played by the Dee Wallace brings together her estranged family for a chaotic holiday gathering. A 20 year old decision literally comes back to haunt her when the ghost of Christmas past comes knocking at her door and is invited inside the family estate. Festivities quickly turn blood red when the stranger is revealed to be Cletus Diane's aborted fetus all grown up very much alive and ready to terrorize his long lost mother. Diane must face her past and explain the hideous truth that is trying to kill them all especially to Jerry her Down Syndrome son before it's too late.

The Reptile 1966 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: The Reptile (1966)
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 from 2443 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Genres: Horror
Actors: Noel Willman , Jennifer Daniel , Ray Barrett , Jacqueline Pearce , Michael Ripper , John Laurie , Marne Maitland , David Baron , Charles Lloyd Pack , Harold Goldblatt , George Woodbridge
Director: John Gilling
IMDB Runtime: 91
Year: 1966
Plot: Harry Spalding and his wife Valerie inherit a cottage in a small country village after his brother mysteriously dies. The locals are unfriendly and his neighbor Dr. Franklyn (a doctor of theology) suggests they leave. They decide to stay only to find that a mysterious evil plagues the community.

Adaline 2015 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: Adaline (2015)
IMDB Rating: 3.4/10 from 161 users Updated : 2017-10-10
Genres: Thriller
Actors: Jill Evyn , Lane Townsend , Jeremy Walker , Emily Claeys , Pamela Finney , Sergio Alejandro , C.S. Boris , Anne Hallinan , Val Garrahan , Elise Scarlott , Dixon Phillips , Cole Panther , Warren Serkin , Camille Grenier , Mackenszie Drae
Director: Bidisha Chowdhury
IMDB Runtime: 97
Year: 2015
Plot: Adaline's terrifying visions bleed through from the past and become Daniela's present-day nightmares.

The Boogens 1981 1080p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: The Boogens (1981)
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 from 1648 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Genres: Horror
Actors: Rebecca Balding , Fred McCarren , Anne-Marie Martin , Jeff Harlan , John Crawford , Med Flory , Jon Lormer , Peg Stewart , Scott Wilkinson ,
Marcia Dangerfield
Director: James L. Conway
IMDB Runtime: 95
Year: 1981
Plot: The "Boogens" are scaly monsters that look somewhat like giant turtles with lots of sharp nasty teeth. They are released from an abandoned boarded-up silver mine in Colorado and proceed to do away with character after character

Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat 1999 1080p BluRay x264

Title: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Video 1999)
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 from 2913 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Genres: Musical
Actors: Donny Osmond , Maria Friedman , Richard Attenborough , Joan Collins , Christopher Biggins , Robert Torti , Alex Jennings , Nicholas Colicos , Ian McNeice , Jeff Blumenkrantz , David J. Higgins , Patrick Clancy , Shaun Henson , Martin Callaghan , Sebastien Torkia
Director: David Mallet
IMDB Runtime: 76
Year: 1999
Plot: In this filmed adaption of the long-running musical we see the story of Joseph son of Jacob. The favoured son he is betrayed by his jealous brothers and sold into slavery and driven to Egypt. Though beset with adversity Joseph perseveres through wit and faith and becomes the governor of Egypt second only to the Pharaoh. This all the sets the scene for when he meets his brothers who have come to Egypt to purchase food.

The Pact 2012 720p BluRay H264 AAC

Title: The Pact (2012)
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 from 20976 users Updated : 2017-10-08
Rotten Rating: 5.6/10
Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Caity Lotz , Casper Van Dien , Mark Steger , Kathleen Rose Perkins , Haley Hudson , Sam Ball , Agnes Bruckner , Dakota Bright , Petra Wright , Sam Zuckerman , Anjini Taneja Azhar , Rachael Kahne , Boriana Williams
Director: Nicholas McCarthy
IMDB Runtime: 89
Year: 2012
Plot: Nichole Barlow comes to San Pedro with her daughter Eva to attend the funeral of her mother. She calls her estranged sister Annie to help her to resolve pending businesses but Annie is too traumatized with the bad treatment spent by their mother and does not want to return to their childhood home. Nichole convinces her sister to come and she arrives to the funeral. However Nichole goes missing and Eva stays with Nichole's cousin Liz. When Liz also disappears Annie claims that supernatural events happen in the house but she becomes the prime-suspect. The open-minded detective Bill Creek assumes the investigation and realizes that there is something weird in the house. Meanwhile Annie summons the medium Stevie believing that the ghost of her mother is responsible for the vanishing of Nichole and Liz. But the woman warns Annie that there is a great danger in the house. Annie decides to go further in her investigation and discovers dark secrets from the past of her family.

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